I am an Early Riser

This is a campaign for healthy India.

The rising economic levels in India in the last 2 decades has taken a heavy toll on our health. Increased competition, tough deadlines, long working hours leads to a very stressful life. Earlier Television and now the smart phones have made us a country of late sleepers and late risers. The idiom `Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise' is now buried into the history books and nobody follows it. Most of the people wake up just minutes before they have to leave for work. Then they rush through the morning chores, skip the breakfast and the newspaper and join the long traffic jams. They work till late in the evening and follow it with a booze party which leaves them little time for physical activity.

"I am early riser" is a campaign to bring back the good habit of waking up very early in the morning and doing physical activities like walking, jogging, swimming etc.

This is a campaign for healthy India and will be run by the cooperation of the society, healthcare facilities and corporate India. Under this initiative people will be motivated to wake up early and come out of their homes for group activities. The health specialists will give talks on how early morning exercises help in maintaining a healthy body and leading a happy life.

We urge you all to be part of the campaign and send us your experience and your initiatives to help us spread this message to the masses.