Say No To Corruption

This initiative is Darya's very small step to keep the shipping industry free from unethical practices.

Darya has set up an anti corruption wing, which will not just discourage corruption, but will support the grieved sea farers, who are victims of bribery and malpractices, by providing them with legal advice and job opportunities within or outside the company.

Though we will not be able to resolve every issue, we will at least register them and intervene in most serious of all cases.

The anti-corruption and anti-bribery team is headed directly by our C.E.O.

Advice to aspiring seafarers
  • Indian government does not entertain any company to take money in any form of fee and or bond from the Trainee / Sea Farers.
  • Do not approach middlemen / agents, as they have no say in placement. Approach senior management directly in companies and they will give you the correct information on vacancies.
  • World over ships are limited, the cargo requirement is predetermined, hence new vacancies are not often created, the market is already flooded with trainees without placement.
  • The vacancies on board ships are filled by multinational crew so you have a lot more competition.
  • Support Indian flag vessels and join Indian companies. Only they can give Indian seafarers the job security, since it is mandatory to carry Indian crew on Indian flag ships.