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When disasters happen they become big news and attract attention of world media, Politicians and Opportunists, but when imminent disasters are averted by the brave act of people, we fail to acknowledge the contribution of the heroes.

This story is one such untold incident which would have caused a major environmental calamity and severe economic impact to the region, if it was not for the BRAVE act of the Port authorities and other associated team members.

In the evening hours of 17th January 2018, a major fire broke out in the Engine Room of on an oil tanker “M.T. Genessa”, which was anchored approximately 15 nautical miles off Deen Dayal port in Kandla. The vessel was laden with 30,000 metric tonnes of highly flammable high speed diesel.

It took two exhausting days to extinguish the fire. This was a gigantic task undertaken by the Marine Department of Deen Dayal Port, seamlessly co-ordinate team work between the Fire Brigade, Coast Guard, Adani Port under the Leadership and coordination of Capt. T Srinivas- Dy. Conservator and Capt. K.M Mathew - Harbour Master.



The fearless, brave heart team had a mission to accomplish. Despite the advice from international experts of not to approach the burning tanker and to stay at-least 2 nautical miles away from the ship, the Indian team of Fire fighters got as close as 30 meters of the bomb and started combating the fire. Constant supply of chemical foam to fight the fire was made available by the support team.

They eventually embarked the burning tanker, risking their lives. The thought of being on a ticking bomb, a surface so hot that the sole of the shoes melt in no time and you require wooden planks to provide insulation so that you can stand on the deck of the burning ship will send jitters down the spine. Their presence of mind and their determination to win was rewarded after 48 hours of daring battle.

Imagine if this incident was not controlled 70% of India’s salt manufacturing region “The Gulf of Kutch” would have gone standstill for years. Millions of people would have lost their livelihood. It must be noted that this coast line is a unique ecosystem where millions of tonnes of salt is produced every year. Any adverse impact on the coastal belt would have spelt disaster not only for the Indian Food Processing industry, but would have impacted the global salt markets.

More importantly the whole Southern coast of Gulf of Kutch is a ‘’Notified Area’’ for Environmental coast line which includes India's one and only land based Marine National Park.

Darya Shipping Company’s CEO had the privilege to meet some of these brave heart Fire fighters and interact with them and congratulate them personally. Mr. Aseem Chakraborty, Edward Brady, Mukesh Vasu- Fire Officer, VG Jadeja, Sandeep Patel, Tushar Brahmbhatt, Jignesh Manghela, NP Rajput, MB Makwana and all others involved at site and shore deserve the national bravery award for their valour.

Their brave action not only saved a marine disaster, but also averted a financial catastrophe to the hinterland salt industry, preservation of the fragile eco-system in Kutch coast for generations to come.

The brave firefighting team after successfully dousing off the fire. DARYA’s CEO Capt. Rajesh Deshwal along with the firefighting crew.


Corporate Communications - Darya Shipping Pvt. Ltd.

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