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Course Objective:

  • Familiar with the use of tools and parameters used in Engine Room of modern merchant ships.

  • To develop the awareness of the need to follow proper checklist and be familiar with the time duration involved in startup procedures.

  • To understand the awareness of correct watch keeping techniques.

  • To understand the interdependence of various machinery.

  • To identifying the operational difficulties and trouble shooting them.

  • To improve decision making abilities with respect to safety and efficient plant operation.

  • To make a safer and more effective contribution to the operation of vessel's machinery.

  • To improve the ability of logical decision making, which promotes operational safety.

  • To improve understanding of optimize running of equipment as per load demand.

Course Contents:

  • Familiarization on machinery and plant equipment.

  • Engine room simulator particulars of model ship

  • Configuration of Full Mission engine room

  • Engine room pipeline system and power generation and distribution system.

  • Standards of Watch-keeping

  • Fault finding on auxiliary and main propulsion plant

  • Managing of power generation

  • Monitoring of steam plan and operation.

  • Training on writing engine room log books and oil record book.

Duration:           3~5 Days

Entry Criteria:   All Engineer  Officers.


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