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One needs to defy all odds to make it big in this world. Capt. Rajesh Deshwal believes that there is something very strong inside him that enables him to overcome any obstacle and reach greater heights of success. His perseverance led to the birth of Darya Shipping Solutions, which is a young and dynamic ship management company, geared to take on challenges and deliver absolute satisfaction to its customers.

Sea And Job Magazine had the privilege to interview this Daredevil, Capt Rajesh Deshwal, CEO at Darya Shipmanagement Pvt. Ltd. 

"There were several ups and downs during the course of my career which gave me enough inertia to bounce back stronger."
"We plan to spread our wings in new territories and give the world a flavor of a new generation ship management company."


What was your inspiration behind joining the shipping industry? Tell us about your career?

Honestly, I was inspired by Salman Khan’s Thumbs up advertisement way back in the 90’s, where he wore a smart, all White Navy uniform and rode a 1000cc bike,wowed all the girls and made the boys envious. I believe, all good things in life happen by chance, you never plan them, and your existence in this world is also by chance. Similarly,shipping in my life was something that happened by chance, after my graduation from Jodhpur University. I was into some seriously extreme sports,like the Monks in the Chinese Martial Arts movies doing push ups on two fingers. I enjoyed trying all those impossible stuff. This spirit gave me my life’s mantra- that I could achieve success with the 3 D’s – Dedication, Determination and Devotion. I started my shipping career with ESSAR Shipping as a cadet and went on to become a Master Mariner with AET. I owe a lot to the then senior management of AET, who gave me the opportunity and the guidance to be what I am today.

What are the challenges you have faced in your career? Have they helped you become the man you are today?

I am a person who always seeks challenges. During my sailing days I opted for vessels which were old and troublesome and never demanded to be posted on newer, easier vessels. This gave me visibility as I got the opportunity to prove myself. ‘Impossible we do every day and Miracles we try’, was the hymn on these old ladies and time would always fly. I was married to my work and deeply in love with it.

There were several ups and downs during the course of my career which gave me enough inertia to bounce back stronger, like the fighters in Hindi movies or Rocky Balboa. Without those downs in my career, I would have been deprived of some of the most interesting learning chapters in my life.

Moreover, the problems along my career path gave me a great learning platform and time tointrospect and improve upon my short comings and realize my strengths, just like how ‘Hanuman ji’ got to know of his strengths and capabilities when the army of Lord Rama was faced with the problem of crossing the ocean.

I thank all those who directly and indirectly helped me bring out these qualities in me.

What led to the inception of Darya Shipping solutions?

Almost in every decade of human existence,there has always been a paradigm shift in the mind-set of the people and their approach to understand and resolve problems or to handle daily chores at work or at home. Ship management is no exception. The fast moving technology combined with the need of quicker turnaround time, requires people who can quickly adapt to these changes.

The work force today, are youngsters with a very different mind-set. They are fast moving, more technically savvy and generally with little or no attachments to their employers.

I believe that- ‘one can’t fight a modern war with an army of the 17th century, carrying Swords and Lancers.’ Hence, I felt the need of a “NEW GENERATION” ship management company which is led by the youth of today who are wired and programmed to excel in the present environment.

The Logo and the name ‘DARYA” says it all. Our “STAR”, an image of North Star which has been a guiding light for mankind since ancient times. The co-relation of our company’s name to the North Star has three distinct levels.

MARITIME: Long associated with Navigation, the North Star has been a guiding light for sailors. Hence, all the shipping business is “DARYA”,led by the Star-“We move the Business that moves the world”

CORPORATE: Steadfast, focused and goal-oriented that leads to consistent and constant growth.

CONSCIOUSNESS: At a human level an alignment with nature and the universe.

What services does Darya shipping provide?

Darya Shipping Solution, as the name suggests, caters to all the primary verticals of the Shipping Industry – From excellent Ship management services, Manning, Consultancy services to Chemical Tanker business. It also caters to a slowly developing vertical which is being the Flipkart of Shipping industry, supplying Spares and Stores. Each vertical in Darya is headed by experts from respective fields. As we proudly call it a HUNDRED year old New Company.

How is Darya Shipping solutions different from other shipping companies? What can clients expect to get from Darya shipping?

Darya is a new generation Ship management company, started by young entrepreneurs who believe in absolute transparency, thus giving the Ship owners a comfort factor that they have never experienced before. The indigenous management style and web based integrated software in use, are some of the first in the industry.

Darya is purely about making delivery an experience for the clients and creating opportunities for Seafarers in a new shipping Hub – Gurugram.

In Darya we do it the RITEway – Responsibility, Integrity, Transparency and Excellence. These are our corporate Pillars.

Our engine of delivery is propelled by a triple bottom line result for our clients – SATISFACTION, PERFORMANCE and PROFIT.

What are your future plans? Any new developments?

We plan to spread our wings in new territories and give the world a flavor of a new generation ship management company.


What inspired you to diversify into the Health care sector? How do you manage to balance both?

Health Sector is one of the fastest growing service industry. There is an acute shortage of good medical facilities across India which can cater to the medical and health care needs of our population.

The Pollution levels, adulterated packaged food, acute competition and unnecessary wants of the young generation leads to a very stressful lifestyle which in turn leads to the early onset of lifestyle diseases.

If we can manage the health of the people who contribute to the society, then there will be a chain effect and we will be able to see more health conscious people in India. This idea was broached by a leading USA based preventive cardiologist Dr. J.S. Soin and my college friend Mr. Kuldeep Choudhary, who undoubtedly is the best marketing wizard I have ever known. Along with the help of my wife, a health expert columnist and Dietitian, these thoughts turned into a reality. GNH is a boutique hospital with 12+1 medical brands, in an amazing atmosphere.

We call it GNH – which stands for Good Service, Noble Cause and Humane profession. We have a team of leading Doctors from Delhi-NCR, who have taken on the baton to spread the importance of good health across India. My role is limited to energizing the drivers of good health from time to time.

Would like to give a message to your colleagues/fellow seafarers?

Shipping industry once used to be a very close knit affair. Today, every business man wants to become a ship owner and there are several touts and struggling companies whose mission is just to make money and try to survive season by season, by findinga new prey. As a result, our beautiful industry is turning into a political battle field.
I have two messages to give- one to our present generation sailors and the other to aspiring sailors.
PRESENT: Please tell yourselves that you are blessed and be very happy with what you have. Spend your time doing the right thing and be loyal to your employer till the day you eat his bread. A few dollars extra will never buy you happiness. But, in the struggle to get those few dollars extra, you may lose precious time and friends.
ASPIRING SAILORS: Please do not get trapped by notorious companies and touts who promise you glorious jobs. They are known as ‘Wolf in Sheep’s skin’. Do not pay to get a job. It is a crime and the touts know this very well. Hence, even the administration is helpless to catch and punish them because you abet the crime.
Please visit our website ( to see our initiative to fight corruption and take a baby step to keep the industry clean. We have engaged full time Supreme Court lawyers who will help get justice to those genuine cases who have been wronged by the bad boys of our industry.

What is your opinion on Sea Job?

I have known Sea and Job since the very first month of its inception. Perhaps, the best magazine in its league, with absolute consistency over the years and operated by a thorough professional who truly understands the meaning of the word Media and lives by its virtues. Sea and Job is a cut above the rest.

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