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Course Objective:

  • To understand the behavior of a vessel in different sea conditions.

  • To understand helm orders and correct interpretation of same.

  • To carry out helmsman duties under pilot-age most effectively.

  • To appreciate ROTI and make most effective usage of it.

  • To appreciate the Human element involved in carrying out helmsman duties.

Course Contents:

  • Bridge Equipment familiarization.

  • Basics of Vessel Behavior in Different Sea conditions/types of Ships.

  • Maritime English commands used in Steering.

  • Possible causes of error due to Human element (briefing with appropriate Case Study) highlighting misinterpretation of and/or response to Helm Orders.

  • Steering Modes (Follow Up, Non-Follow Up)

  • Steering in different conditions of visibility – Day and Night

  • Steering in Narrow Channels (countering bank effect) and Shallow

  • Waters (Sluggish steering).

  • Most effective steering under pilot-age (with simulated effects).

  • Action in case of emergency (Equipment failure) – Situational awareness.

Duration:           2 Days

Entry Criteria:   All Deck Ratings & Deck Cadets


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