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We do not transport goods, we transport solutions.

Darya - An Overview

“An ISO 9001, 14001, 45001, TMSA compliant company”

The Saga of Darya's Logo and Flag.


A 100+ year old new company

Darya is a shipping solutions company ready to set sail from existing business in India and expand internationally.


We are consolidating at every level including ship aggregation, best practices, attracting talent, empowering people, connecting with new partners and innovations, in the best interest of stake holders and business associates.

We map and analyse the current Indian and International market environment and execute the business plan to achieve maximum output. Our engine of delivery is propelled by a triple bottom line result – SATISFACTION, PERFORMANCE and PROFIT.



Darya's Logo is represented by the NORTH STAR beside the text DARYA which means the Sea. The North Star and the Sea has a symbiotic relationship in terms of maritime, corporate and human consciousness.


MARITIME: Long associated with Navigation, the North Star has been a guiding light for sailors.


CORPORATE: Steadfast, focused and goal-oriented that leads to consistent and constant growth.


CONSCIOUSNESS: At a human level an alignment with nature and the universe.

Our Flag is represented by our Logo and four stars depicting our RITE values which are RESPONSIBILITY, INTEGRITY, TRANSPARENCY and EXCELLENCE.


Darya does it the RITE way. We take on the RESPONSIBILITY with INTEGRITY and TRANSPARENCY to deliver EXCELLENCE.


To be the top of the line, top of the mind company in the world providing "SHIPPING" Solutions.


Optimize resource utilization to deliver excellence within stipulated local and international regulations.

CEO Message

It is my vision to create DARYA as the top of the line, top of the mind company providing holistic shipping solutions.

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