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We move the Business that Moves the World.

Specialized Chemical Tanker Services:

  • Oil and chemical tanker supercargo.

  • Consultancy for grade change DPP/CPP/Chemical.

  • Loading and discharging supervision of specialized chemicals like. TDI, MDI, PO, HMD etc.

  • Passivization of SS cargo tanks.

  • Coating inspection, SW testing and hot curing of newly coasted epoxy tanks.

Consultancy Services:

  • Pre-purchase inspection for owners and banks.

  • Project costing and budget allocation.

  • Pre vetting/CDI/IMCA inspections.

  • New building and site supervision.

  • Major repairs and conversion.

  • Offshore marine operations.

Demolition Voyage Management:

  • Pre-purchase and valuation of vessels.

  • Final voyage planning and execution.

  • Flag change, surveys and certification.

  • Crewing and related formalities.

  • Supply of bunkers and stores.

  • Voyage supervision, beaching and delivery of vessels to end buyers.

Stores & Spare Supplies:

  • Best in class maintenance products to service managed vessels.

  • Sourcing of certified OEM spares and refurbished stores / spares.



Other Services

 : +91-124-484-8000

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